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With, your business has access to the web and email hosting services it needs to grow with reliable, Canadian-based servers backed by local technical support. is based in Alberta, and we are proud to be locally operated. We wanted to provide a unique solution for businesses looking for website and email hosting services and the technical support they need. Servers and hosting services can be quite complex and difficult to navigate. By providing friendly, local technical support, we can help your business succeed.

Our team understands your business requires reliable web and email hosting servers. We also know how important quality is to you and believe that service should always come first, from setup and installation to ongoing support.

The Advantage

Local Technical Support

Many larger hosting companies cannot provide the personalized service many Alberta businesses need to keep their websites and emails running efficiently. We understand how technical hosting servers can be, which is why provides local and personalized services, support and ongoing maintenance. So you have peace of mind that you will not be left trying to figure it out yourself or with a system that doesn’t end up working.

Simplified Hosting Services in One Place

All your hosting needs are in one place. Whether you require website or email hosting services or you need to register a domain, can provide the hosting services your business needs to succeed online. 

Removing Vulnerabilities 

Hosting servers need to be monitored, especially for vulnerabilities, and you don’t have the capability or time to continually scan them. 4Cloud consistently monitors and optimizes your hosting services and removes those vulnerabilities before you notice them.

Canadian Hosting Servers

Our office and team are not the only parts of our business that are local. All our servers are Canadian-based; this helps Alberta businesses and their websites reduce data latency, meaning your website will perform better.

No Contracts

We understand how frustrating contracts can be. 4Cloud offers our web and email hosting services on a month-to-month basis, so you have the freedom to come and go.

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